Frequently Asked Questions

Why cleanse?  

The LabElymental Milk Cleanse offers a gentle way to cleanse and clear the body. When choosing to cleanse, you are taking the leap to improve and optimize your wellbeing. 


What is included in the cleanse? 
Three proprietary supplements (four bottles) for The Milk Cleanse Phase One and Phase Two, detailed instructions, and a detailed FAQ (you source your own milk).


How will I feel while drinking only milk? 
Everyone is affected differently by cleansing. How you feel each day depends on many factors. Milk is packed with the balanced nutrients that are needed to support the human body including protein, fat and healthy carbohydrates. As long as you drink enough milk consistently throughout the day, you will not be hungry and most people say that they feel full of energy, clear minded, alert and happy!


Can anyone do this cleanse?
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking certain medications or have an underlying health condition please consult your healthcare professional.


Does the cleanse affect medication? Can I continue taking my daily supplements? 
It is always possible that cleansing can interfere with the absorption of certain medications, so we encourage you to speak with your healthcare professional prior to starting the cleanse. Most times, under the supervision of a healthcare professional, medication can be continued. You will need to refrain from taking daily supplements until after you have completed the cleanse.


Can I continue with my regular work-out routine?   
It is important that you listen to your body and your energy levels. Pushing through is not encouraged. For many people, this will mean a reduced intensity workout. If you are concerned about continuing your fitness routine while on The Milk Cleanse, we encourage you to consult your healthcare professional.


Is this cleanse vegan or vegetarian? 
This cleanse will only work with full fat animal milk and one ingredient in our Formula Two supplement is not vegetarian.


Isn’t dairy bad for me?  
We believe in a healthy daily diet and in the unparalleled power of plants. Every person has different dietary needs to optimize their wellness. We encourage everyone to explore many dietary styles and find what makes them feel best.

Many people who do The Milk Cleanse on a regular basis to optimize their wellness make exceptions to their dairy intake during the eight days. 


What kind of milk is recommended?    
We recommend you source the best quality WHOLE milk that you have access to. Local and organic is preferred. Make sure that no matter where you get your milk, it is antibiotic free and grass-fed if possible.   

Fresh, whole, goat milk or A2 cow milk is preferred but any animal milk (cow, bison, camel, sheep) will work. It must be a WHOLE lactose milk. Nut, oat or other alternative dairy products will not work.   

We recommend goat milk because high quality, whole, goat milk can be found at most natural grocery stores. If using cow milk, then organic is preferred. If cow’s milk is your preference it will work great for you!   


How  much milk do I need to drink  each day?   
During The LabElymental Milk Cleanse you will drink a minimum of one six ounce glasses of milk every two hours with your supplements. Many people drink more milk which helps them to stay satiated and curbs hunger and brain fog. You are encouraged to drink enough so  that you are never hungry! 

Please read your instructions fully before beginning The Milk Cleanse.


After Phase One (the milk phase) of the cleanse, what happens next?   

Once Phase One is complete, your Phase Two cleanse protocol begins. During Phase Two, you will re-integrate clean, nutritious meals back into your diet and consume them with the Phase Two supplements.

You will source the ingredients for your meals.


Can I drink tea or coffee?   
You cannot drink tea as it interferes with The Milk Cleanse. If you drink coffee, you are allowed one cup of coffee each morning with no sugar. You are welcome to add a splash of milk!


Do you offer support along the way? 
Once you have purchased The Milk Cleanse, we offer the option to sign up here for emails and texts that offer tips and tricks along your journey! We highly recommend signing up for these so that we can support you during your cleanse. We also recommend that you be in touch with your naturopath or healthcare professional in case you have any medical concerns along the way.


Shipping + Returns


How long does shipping take and what is the cost? 

For all pre-orders shipping is USPS Priority Mail. The flat rate shipping cost for domestic orders is $15. Please allow 3-7 days. Next Day domestic shipping is $45.The flat rate shipping cost for international orders is $45. Please allow 6-10 days. 


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! We ship internationally. For pre-orders our flat rate international shipping charge is $45. Please note that LabElymental is not responsible for any additional costs at customs and that costs vary depending on country. LabElymental is not responsible for any additional taxes or tariffs.


What is your return policy? 
We are generally unable to accept returns. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact within 14 days of receipt. We are happy to review your order and find a resolution for unopened kits.  


A percentage of our profits goes towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne illnesses.