Why Milk?

Why we love the food that everyone loves to hate…

The milk acts like a magnet in the gut. Combined with our proprietary supplements, The Milk Cleanse works its magic to rid our bodies of parasites.

Milk mono diets have been used for centuries to treat imbalances in the body. The Milk Cleanse draws on this age-old technique to catalyze a healthy and happy body and mind.

Our proprietary supplements and cleansing protocol offer the body a gentle way to clear and cleanse.


It is important to note The Milk Cleanse is suggested 2-4 times per year, seasonally, as a wellness intervention. When not doing The Milk Cleanse, our recommended daily nutrition for optimized wellbeing does not include dairy!


We always recommend organic, grass-fed and local milk whenever possible. If traditional cow dairy is not for you, we recommend Goat Milk or A2 Cow Milk.

Why we love Goat Milk + A2 Cow Milk

Although some people have no issue digesting dairy, for the rest of us, it can definitely present issues from skin blemishes, excess mucus and upset stomachs. Yet, time and time again, we have customers who don’t drink dairy use The Milk Cleanse and report glowing skin, increased energy and greater mental clarity. 

Potential benefits of Goat Milk or A2 Cow Milk 

+ Easier to digest
+ Less milk sugars than traditional cow milk
+ High in calcium + fatty acids
+ Fewer allergenic proteins
+ Contains iron, calcium, magnesium phosphorus, vitamin a, zinc and selenium
+ Improves and brightens overall skin complexion




“Listen, I was skeptical. Before I did this cleanse I hadn’t drank a glass of dairy in 30 years. I had heard of the health benefits of mono-diet cleanses for years, but was terrified my skin would rash and my stomach would cramp. In truth, the glow, mental creativity, skin clarity, and energy was so much more than I had expected. With the herbal supplements, milk acts as a magnet in the body and really catalyzes something wild.”

Ally Bogard | Wellness Expert, Yoga + meditation Teacher



Morgan Fogg

"When I first heard about The Milk Cleanse and the transformative experiences people were having with it, I thought, "There's no way." As someone who doesn't consume dairy, I couldn't imagine actually drinking goat milk for eight days. But here I am, eight days later and I feel AMAZING."

Morgan Fogg | Entrepreneur + Kelp Farmer




Melissa Levy

“As a fitness trainer, it’s important to me to experiment with new modalities that can support me and my clients. I do not normally consume dairy. It just doesn’t make me feel good, and usually upsets my stomach. I was really surprised by how amazing I felt while on The Milk Cleanse. It was weirdly easy to do because you get all the macronutrients you need to feel nourished. I saw a noticeable glow in my skin and renewed clarity and energy in my body and mind.”

Melissa Levy | Fitness expert + Entrepreneur + Mom 


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